Clear Thermoform Retainers

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2x 0.040 Essix Retainers


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3D Printed Model
2x 0.040 Essix Retainers


clear thermoform retainers
Scalloped or flat trim is available. Contact us to request a different material. See below to order.

Clear thermoform retainers are available locally, right here in Oklahoma City. Straight Forward Lab manufactures retainers utilizing several options of materials. We offer the Essix line of products (with Essix ACE being our most popular) as well as Zendura. Zendura is a great choice for patient comfort, decreased movement times, and increased durability. If you require a different material from the one that we currently offer, please reach out to us. We can obtain many more materials.

The Reliability of Essix ACE for Clear Thermoform Retainers

Essix ACE plastics provide appearance, strength, and durability. Essix is a highly-respected name in dental plastics and polymer technology. When it comes to meeting the needs of clinicians and patients alike Essix gives you the quality you demand and the versatility you need.

Clear retainers made from Essix ACE plastic are an esthetically-pleasing option for patients who want to avoid wearing a retainer with a visible wire. Retention after orthodontic treatment is vital to maintaining a patient’s new smile.

Essix is a brand name for plastic composite retainer material. We construct retainers from a clear sheet of polypropylene. The sheet is then vacuum or thermoformed over a dental model of your patient’s teeth.

About Zendura Clear Retainers

Zendura has a number of key properties including stress retention, crack resistance, stain resistance, clarity, and easy fabrication. For example, it has a broad processing window to reduce the risk of a poor thermoforming experience. This includes a foil-barrier package to maintain the optimum moisture content.

The in-office manufacturing of Zendura material using a positive-pressure forming system is fast and seamless. Also, you can complete the manufacturing of Zendura within hours and know every time the appliance will fit perfectly.

Some common applications for Zendura include clear retainers and clear aligners. The first generation of Zendura material is specifically for clear aligners. Therefore, it is ideal for both complete and minor tooth movement systems. Detail pliers can be used to produce up to 0.5mm dimples in the Zendura appliance for desired tooth movement, and Zendura will retain the dimple for advanced control of the desired outcome.

Since toughness, stain resistance, and lifetime clarity are all properties of Zendura material, it is also a cost-efficient retainer solution. Retainers made of Zendura fit well and don’t easily break. For this reason, it protects your patient’s investment and elevates overall patient experience and satisfaction. When a retainer is resistant to breakage while being formed, fabricated, and applied in the mouth, resistant to early failures in an application, and maintains a pristine appearance for an extended lifetime, both the doctor and the patient benefit.