Printed Models


Horeshoe Arch

This is a simple arch base used to manufacture thermoformed appliances. Using 3D printing technology, Straight Forward Lab can quickly and easily create physical models of dental arches, reducing time, labor, and expenses in the process. The new approach means your team can achieve greater model accuracy, resulting in less error and a better service for your patients.



Arch with Low Profile Base

This model includes palatal tissue and is used for full coverage appliances. In addition, it is ideal for presentation. If you are have questions about digital dentistry or 3D printing, please speak with one of our orthodontic techs. We are happy to help you with solutions and transitioning your practice.


Our Printed Models are High Quality, Accurate, and Made Locally

Printed models from Straight Forward Lab are the highest quality models utilizing state of the art 3D printing for your patient’s thermoformed appliances. Our two produced models include the Horseshoe Arch and the Arch with a Low-Profile Base.

Guaranteeing high-quality, accurate, final parts is the most important concern for any dental or orthodontic practice and lab. Unfortunately, not all 3D printing labs for dentistry can deliver the quality, precision, and accuracy needed for printed models. In addition, comparing the 3D printing capabilities of different labs is a challenge.

Straight Talk About Printed Models

At Straight Forward Lab, we won’t try to confuse you with misleading statements about technical specifications. Instead, we want to work with you to help integrate digital printing orthodontic science into your practice with ease. Similarly, we are there to support you throughout the process each and every time.

Reclaim your time and let us produce parts you’ll be proud to deliver. No hassle or prohibitive costs. Straight Forward Lab brings reliability, quality, and ease of use with proven workflows.

Advantages of Securing a Local 3D Printer

There is no doubt that dental and orthodontic practices are changing rapidly. Orthodontists and dentists have come to realize that with new technology, they create a practice that is more efficient and less expensive to run.

Of course, there will always be some paperwork in your practice. However, the more we digitalize processes, the more we can improve accuracy, start treatment, and ensure that missing or broken orthodontic appliances are easily and more cost-effectively replaced.

Having your printed models manufactured close to home ensures a quicker turnaround. In addition, it allows for faster fulfillment and parts replacement. Plus, you have the added benefit of dealing with a neighbor that you can visit in person.

Shopping locally also ensures that your dollars benefit the local economy, and it creates a general sense of comfort.  Why? Because you know that the pandemic and other global issues won’t get in the way of receiving essential products your office needs to serve patients.