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Digital Dentistry Transforms Orthodontics in Important Ways

Digital dentistry is bringing rapid transformation to orthodontics with digital workflows that have shown increased efficiency, consistently high quality, and lower costs. In fact, additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, has impacted many industries. However, few benefit as much as dentistry and other medical fields. That is because 3D printing technologies are at their […]

Dental 3D Printing in the Neighborhood to Make Custom Clear Aligners On Demand

Dental 3D printing is helping transform the supply chain for dentists and orthodontists in the Oklahoma City area. In fact, 3D printing is one of the key technologies driving transformation. That is because 3D printing has many applications in dentistry including bridge models, surgical guides, and dentures. However, clear aligner manufacturing is one of the […]

3D Printing in Orthodontics Brings Evolution to the Practice in Four Steps

3D printing in orthodontics is having a positive impact on dentistry and subsequently improving the availability of a beautiful smile for all people. New technologies and new materials are making it possible to build orthodontic appliances and replacements more efficiently, more economically, and with more precision than ever before. If you have been thinking about […]