Dental 3D Models from Straight Forward Lab Help Planning and Save Resources


Digital Model

Dental 3D models are one more reason to convert your dental or orthodontic office to a digital office in 2021. What might once have seemed a luxury for dental offices, is affordable for all today. For example, if you have an intraoral scanner and a laptop, you are on your way with basic tools for going digital. The best partner for your digital dental office is a digital dental lab.

Straight Forward Lab serves the Oklahoma City area by printing 3D products for digital dental offices. Even if you are taking baby steps in your digital office conversion, SFL is ready to help. Thanks to the emergence of additive manufacturing technology (3D printing), all your digital printing needs can be met locally. This helps alleviate supply chain and shipping issues that many are experiencing during the global pandemic.

Best of all, your Straight Forward Lab team is always just a phone call away. Furthermore, we work fast and deliver what you need often within just a few days.

3D printed Model

Saving Money with Dental 3D Models

One of the best things about 3D printing and dental 3D models is that they save you time and money.  Printed models from Straight Forward Lab are the highest quality models utilizing state of the art 3D printing for your patient’s thermoformed appliances. Our three produced models include the traditional model with full base (used for board exams),  the Horseshoe Arch, and the Arch with a Low-Profile Base.

Guaranteeing high-quality, accurate, final parts is the most important concern for any dental or orthodontic practice and lab. Unfortunately, not all 3D printing labs for dentistry can deliver the quality, precision, and accuracy needed for printed models. In addition, comparing the 3D printing capabilities of different labs is a challenge.

3D Print Models

Added Benefits of Digital Models

There are a number of additional benefits when using digital models. First of all, there is no distortion with scanned and 3D printed models. Unfortunately, distortion can be a problem with traditional impressions and poured-up stone.

Another benefit is that the digital records can be kept on file indefinitely, which makes it very easy to make or order replacement retainers if a patient loses theirs. The models can just be quickly reprinted and retainers remade, with no need for the patient to come into the office to have new impressions made.


Using Dental 3D Models for Digital Study

Dental 3D models or digital study models are very useful for explaining issues to patients and understanding the impact of treatment. These models go by many different names. For example, they are called orthodontic models, orthodontic study models, orthodontic casts, dental study models, dental casts, dental models, digital models, study models, and dental stone casts. Often they are made by hand-casting with molds. Digital scanning speeds the process, improves accuracy, and ensures better use of time and materials. These are just a few of the practicalities of digital printing.

Whatever name you choose to call yours, Straight Forward Lab fabricates these digital orthodontic study models to specification. Using intraoral scanners, SFL is ready to help you streamline your digital model process as well as many other aspects of your digital dental office.

What are the Options for Dental 3D Models?

Converting to a digital office makes things very convenient when it comes to storing data. Digital storage models are far easier to manage for high volume accounts. When you need a model, you simply need to include any specifications particular to the order. We are happy to discuss options regarding specific material requests or make recommendations based on needs. Straight Forward Lab uses only encrypted secure HIPAA-compliant servers.


How Quickly are Models Prepared and Delivered?

Much depends on how your impressions are sent to our lab. Digital transfer is the optimal process for speed. Once Straight Forward Lab receives your impressions, we typically require three or four business days to turnaround your order. If you have a specific time requirement, we would be happy to discuss it. Shipping locally is by courier, hotshot, or pickup. Long-distance is by the carrier.

3D Printed Models


Making Sense of Digital Printing in Dentistry

At Straight Forward Lab, we won’t confuse you with misleading statements about technical specifications. Instead, we work with you to integrate digital printing orthodontic science into your practice easily. Similarly, we are there to support you throughout the process at all times.

Reclaim your patient time and let us produce parts that you’ll be proud to deliver. No hassle or prohibitive costs. Straight Forward Lab brings reliability, quality, and ease of use with proven workflows.